Out of Contact
Identify and Locate Offline Devices

Recover offline or lost devices with Out of Contact (OOC) reporting which displays the devices that have gone OOC and aids in pinpointing lost devices. Learn the last known access point (AP) information to help locate and possibly retrieve OOC devices to reduce loss and have better control over your site locations. 

  • Mobile device model and Android version are supported for the Mobile Computer Device Health APIs
  • Zebra Data Services (ZDS) agent is installed and activated on the Mobile Computers
  • Zebra Printers are running Link-OS 4.0 or above, i.e. firmware version X.20.01Z or later
  • Zebra Printer Connector (ZPC) agent is activated on the Printers
  • Devices have been enrolled and authorized for Zebra Savanna
Getting Started
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A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide

Out of Contact (OOC) in Action
  • Identify and reduce the number of lost, stolen or misplaced devices
  • Track OOC devices to evaluate any impact to operations and enforce efficient workflows
  • Leverage the last known access point (AP) information (BSSID, friendly name & last connected date and time) to locate and recover the devices before they are lost, misplaced or stolen