Storage Memory Utilization
Reduce Mobile Computer Crashes

Full utilized memory is a common cause of application and device crashes. Identify average and maximum memory levels at the mobile computer or site levels.  Know the percentage of impacted devices with storage memory at capacity against active devices to make better operational decisions. Memory utilization percentage ranges:

  • Normal: less than 15% of devices impacted on the site
  • Warning: 15% - 24% of devices impacted on the site
  • Critical: 25% and above devices impacted on the site
  • Mobile device model and Android version are supported for the Mobile Computer Device Health APIs
  • Device has been enrolled and authorized for Zebra Savanna
  • Zebra Data Services (ZDS) agent is installed and activated on the device
Getting Started
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A Zebra Savanna application key is required for using and testing this API. See the Getting Started Guide

Story Memory Utilization Insights in Action
  • Select date ranges to track sites and devices impacted by high storage memory utilization issues