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Will Developers FLoC to Google's Cookie-tracking Alternative? 

Google has unveiled Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC), a set of browser-tech specifications that allow content providers to profit from advertising without compromising user privacy with cookies. 


Simulating Mobile Devices in Chrome

These days, developing for the web means more than just checking a few browsers and monitor resolutions. Apps need to look good and run on literally thousands of devices that vary in size, screen density, touch capability and dozens of other factors. For this, Google Chrome offers more help than most. 


The Top 5 Browser Compatibility Issues  

Google is taking the lead as it works with other browser makers to address what have been identified as the five worst issues plaguing web developers today when it comes to browser compatibility. 


Parser blocking CSS: how CSS can block HTML parsing.

How to Improve CSS Performance

How does your website stack up in terms of performance? Is your CSS code slowing it down? If your site's Lighthouse score is significalty less than 100, it might be time to evaluate where your pages are spending time and implement some of these improvements. 


Case Study: HealthBridge Uses Boomi for Claims Processing

Development of healthcare solutions has long been a growth industry, and more so post-pandemic. Swamped with healthcare claims, financial serices company HealthBridge was seeking a low-code solution to help dig it out of its own paperwork. It found Boomi


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The Story of Snake

No one really knows if any game will take off, let alone one that's released on a platform that was originally intended only for communications. It's unrelated to Snipes, but during this 15-minute read, parallels were obvious to the multi-player network video game Novell quietly included with Netware in the 1980s.