IN THIS ISSUE: Android 12: A Detailed Look; Wear OS Allows Dev-specific Tiles; Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3; Breaking the Web Forward; What the Heck is a 'Metaverse?'; Mobile-first vs. Desktop-first Dev


Android 12: A Detailed First Look (video)

The next version of Android will include an overhauled UI and some under-the-covers work that reportedly will solve the jitters sometimes seen as activities vie for system cycles. 


Wear OS Allows Devs to Release Tiles

Google has finally released its stranglehold on tiles for Wear OS, and now allows developers to release their own. Like widgets for Android, tiles present chunks of functionality in a confined space, a useful thing when developing in the space of a postage stamp. 


Visual Studio 2022 Preview 3

Microsoft has released a new preview of Visual Studio 2022, a 64-bit version (finally) of its venerable development environment that also will include .NET 6, support for C++ v20 and new JavaScript/TypeScript project types. 


Breaking the Web Forward 

Here's a fascinating exploration of the undercurrents swirling through the web-dev community these days. For example, is Safari really "the new IE?" And is Chrome "breaking the web forward?" This short piece is a must-read for developers targeting either, if only just for fun. 


Date Ariane 10th Anniversary Edition (Part 1) | Date Ariane Games

What the Heck is a 'Metaverse?'

Hint: It has nothing to do with song lyrics. The term has apparently been around for decades, but as virtual and augmented realities become more of a thing, wireless carriers are getting into the act.   


Mobile-first vs. Desktop-first Development

As companies decide whether to target primarily mobile or desktop devices, product releases like Zebra Workstation Connect start to make the decision less relevant. Not a shameless plug, here's a look at some of the new mobile/desktop dev norms.