IN THIS ISSUE: Say Good-bye to Gingerbread; Hey Android, Where's My Process?; Jetpack Compose Reaches 1.0; Stack Overflow 2021 Survey; Make Scrolling Obvious; Common Pitfalls of Home-page Design

Google Calls it Quits on Early Desserts

Google next month will pull the plug on devices running Android 2.3.7 and older, blocking such devices from accessing GMail, Maps, YouTube and other Google services. 

Hey Android, Where's My Process? 

As Android has gotten more battery-friendly, it has as a consequence become less app-friendly, killing off background apps as needed to conserve power. Here are some mitigation techniques. 

Jetpack Compose Reaches 1.0

The Android development community in late July unveiled Jetpack Compose 1.0, its toolkit for quickly building native application UIs.  


Stack Overflow 2021 Developer Survey

This year's annual survey contained some surprises, including a larger and younger crop of new developers that learn to code in untraditional ways. 

Make Scrolling Obvious 

Stories about UI bloopers are among my favorite things to read. Here's a quick one about apps that appear to get stuck because a window doesn't appear to enable scrolling.

8 Common Pitfalls of Home-page UX 

Along the lines of UI bloopers, here's a longer piece covering some of the most common mistakes designers make when building their company's first impression.