IN THIS ISSUE: Microsoft Sunsets Xamarin Community Toolkit; Android Language Options; 50+ Free Tools; A UI Mistake Costing $8 Million; Solving the 100vh Problem; The Hobson's Choice of Browsers; The Perfect Play-store Screenshot


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Microsoft Shows More of Xamarin Evolution Plan

Redmond has revealed more of its plan to evolve the Xamarin development platform for .NET. In a blog post earlier this month, the company unveiled the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit and plans to sunset the Xamarin Community Toolkit. 


Programming for Android? Here Are the Options

Whether just getting into Android app-dev or already a Play-store veteran, it never hurts to consider options. Here's a look at pros and cons of the big-three languages for targeting Android and some other languages that sometimes go unnoticed. 


More than 50 Free Tools for WebDev

If it's free, it's for me. Here's a site showing more than 50 free tools for CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more-- some large, some small-- that are available absolutely free of charge. 


The $8 Million UI Blunder

Some of our favorite development stories are about programmers who clearly weren't thinking about the user experience when they built their UIs. This one might be more common than most people think, and its loss potential could reach into the millions.  



Solving the 100vh Problem

For those who'd prefer to avoid falling into the $8 million UI trap described above, here's a tutorial that will teach you how. 


The Hobson's Choice of Browsers

The fascinating story of the evolution (or perhaps "evil"ution) of the mobile-device browser market, and how Apple, Facebook and Google "silently undermined user choice."   


Making Screenshots for Google Play

What's visible on an app's Play store listing might be the first and only opportunity to entice a buyer to pick one app over a hundred other choices. Here are some techniques to the art of making screenshots that perfectly describe the essence of an app.