IN THIS ISSUE: South Korea Bans App-Store In-app Sales; How Much Should the App-store Get?; Android Support Not in Win11; Write a 'RUSTy' Android Emulator; Chrome's Quote Card Simplifies Sharing; Kotlin Memory Manager Crosses Platforms


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South Korea Bans App-store In-app Purchases

South Korea late last month passed a bill that bans in-app purchases conducted through Apple and Google app stores. The move is said to prevent the tech giants from unfairly exploiting their market position. 


How Much Should App-store Hosts Get Paid? 

Is there a difference between an app-store purchase and an in-app purchase? Apple doesn't think so, and claims entitlement to a share of all app revenue for evermore. Here's an analysis. 


Android Support Not in Windows 11

It looks like Windows 11 will not include an Android emulator out of the gate, as had been widely reported when Win11 news first leaked. Release is set for Oct. 5, with Android support slated for sometime next year. 


Write a 'RUSTy' Android Emulator

Why wait for Microsoft to provide an Android emulator when you can write your own? This piece teaches how to write a working Android execution environment as a means of learning Android's underpinnings. 


Chrome's 'Quote Card' Simplifies Text Sharing

Building on Chrome's text quoting feature released earlier this year, developers are now testing the ability to select a passage and share it as a 'quote card' on with other apps and/or social media. 


Kotlin Memory Manager Crosses Platforms

Seeking to address some of the concurrency limitations of the original Kotlin/native memory management system, the Lotlin development community in late august unveiled Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, claiming to allow seamless code sharing across Android and iOS.