IN THIS ISSUE: New DevTools in Chrome 94; How to Build a Stepper Component; Understanding the AVIF Image Format; Betting on the Android Dream; Using Xamarin to Extend Battery Life; Google Dodges $8.8 B Oracle Payout


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New DevTools in Chrome 94

The DevTools embedded in the Google Chrome browser include a slew of new features, including support for Nest devices, native HTML tooltips and the ability to display raw Set-Cookie headers and prompts in multiple languages.  


How to Build a Stepper Component

Stepper components are a great way to visually communicate the phases required by a process and where a user stands within it. This tutorial shows how to build them using HTML and CSS.    

Understanding the AVIF Format, With Cats

Does the world need yet another image format on top of GIF, JPG and PNG? Like it or not, there's a new format on the way and AVIF reportedly offers some major advantages over the formats it's intended to replace. And cats are involved. 

In the beginning, it took a very specialized pitch to connect Android and Google.

Betting on a Dream 

The fascinating story of how Google acquired Android Inc., an excerpt from a new book by Google engineer Chet Hasse



Using Xamarin to Extend Battery Life 

Maximizing device usage on a charge starts with understanding and processing the data coming from the device battery. This Xamarin tutorial teaches how. 


Google Dodges $8.8 Billion Payout to Oracle

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in April spared Google from forking over $8 billion to Oracle, which alleged the Alphabet subsidiary had illegally infringed on its Java copyrights for code included in Android. The court deemed the code fair use of material under law.