IN THIS ISSUE: What NPM Buy Means for Devs; Google Owns MS Mobile; Team Tips for Social Distancing; Ionic Updates Capacitor Runtime; Mozilla Taps Chairwoman as CEO; Bone Up on Dev Skills for Free

GitHub Announces the Acquisition of JavaScript Package Manager npm ...

Microsoft's NPM Buy, What it Means for Developers  

If you can't beat 'em, acquire 'em. That appears to be Redmond's strategy when it comes to open source platforms of late. The company last month unveiled its acquisition of Node Package Manager (npm Inc.), a JavaScript platform development company that GitHub CEO Nat Friedman wrote will be fully integrated with that CMS. 

Google Owns Microsoft Mobile 

Here's an interesting analysis of Microsoft's new place in the mobile ecosystem, which is completely underpinned by Google. 


Microsoft Teams tricks

10 Tips for Using MS Teams

With social distancing forcing millions to work from home, many might be looking for ways to improve the collaboration tools that keep co-workers connected. Here are 10 tricks and tips that can enhance the experience of using Microsoft Teams. 

Capacitor 2.0 Supports Swift 5, Android 10, Xcode 11

Cross-platform dev framework maker Ionic last week unveiled Capacitor 2.0, the latest version of its native runtime environment for Android, iOS and other mobile and web platforms that it says now supports devices running Android 10 (API 29) and apps made with Swift 5.0 and Xcode 11+ languages.  


Mozilla Co-Founder Mitchell Baker's Advice to Her Younger Self ...

Mozilla Taps Chairwoman for CEO Role

At a time of tremendous challenges to browser security and market dominance, the Mozilla Foundation has selected long-time chairwoman Winnefred Mitchell Baker to take the reigns as CEO. She'll be faced with positioning the browser as a more secure alternative to Chromium-based products, which are more often the target of hackers because of their wider deployments. Baker has been with Mozilla since 2003.  

Bone Up with Free Dev Tutorials in April

Developers working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown might find themselves with more time than usual on thier hands. That's why development trainer PluralSight is offering access to its library of more than 7000 tutorial videos completely free of charge for the month of April.