IN THIS ISSUE: Microsoft Previews Dev Box; Don't Waste Money on Cybersecurity; Black Hat 2022 Recap; Forrester Research Warns About Web3; GitHub Bolsters Supply Chain Security; New Tool Identifies Injection Threats


Screenshot showing Dev Boxes being managed along with other devices from Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Microsoft Previews Dev Box Virtual Workstations

Redmond has released a preview of Dev Box, which lets developers create virtual workstations as needed for testing apps, proof-of-concepts, or any other code intended for Windows. There's also support for Android and other versions of Linux. 


Don't Waste Money on Cybersecurity

One sure way to know if an organization's cybersecurity budget is being applied effectively is to examine the number of times its efforts are aimed at fixing threats that have already broken through. Here are some common mistakes, the first of which is failure to work on prevention. 


SD-WAN security

Black Hat Conference Recap

If you're still in the mood to soak up cybersecurity, here's a recap from last week's Black Hat USA 2022 conference, which focused on the geopolitical complexities of today's interconnected landscape. 


Forrester Research Warns About Web3

Often touted as more secure, the next-generation web. That's according to a new report from Forrester Research. Of particular concern is the non-fungible token (NFT), which reportedly offer a broad attack surface and often involve large sums of money.  


GitHub Bolsters Supply Chain Security

In an effort to improve the security of open source projects it hosts, GitHub has introduced a new security model for open-source projects that will use code signing as a means of tracking chains of custody. 


New Tool Identifies Injection Threats

Apps that use an embedded browser to render content can be vulnerable to unauthorized DOM or JavaScript injection and other security threats. A new tool called InAppBrowser can identify such threats and help remediate them.