IN THIS ISSUE: Don't Embed Graphics, Generate Them; A Thumb-only Menu; Leverage Google To Target Zebra; Web Frameworks No Longer Required; The Web Changed, Not You; The 'Front' and 'Back' of the Front-end 

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Don't Embed Graphics, Generate Your Own

Embedding graphics in a mobile app can increase download time and add bulk to its footprint. An alternative is to have the app generate its own graphics using the CSS Painting API

As devices get larger, operating them with one hand becomes nearly impossible unless you're Andre the Giant. Attacking this trend is a sample menu that employes a "single thumb" UI by developer Arif Ullah.   

Targeting Zebra Devices by Leveraging Google's Catalog 

Sound advice from Zebra engineering describes methods of using the massive device catalog in Google's Play Store to enhance and add confidence to enterprise testing protocols.  

No Web Framework Required

If you're familiar with, the open-source alternative to free web site design tools, then you might have heard of its founder Daniel Kehoe, the Ruby on Rails pioneer who now believes that modern browsers provide most of what used to be delivered by frameworks. 

The Web Changed, Not You

If you liked the "No Framework Required" piece above, here's another take on the phenomenon of "framework fatigue." 

The 'Front' and 'Back' of the Front-end 

The title for this article is longer and more descriptive of the article itself, which draws a clear line between what the user sees (the front of the front end) and what happens when a button is pushed (the back of the front-end). This concept is important for builders of these things.