IN THIS ISSUE: Kotlin 1.5 Preview; 17 Tips for Optimizing JavaScript; Using Emojis the Right Way; Atlassian Cloud Enterprise Meets Demand; Navigating Google's New Location Policy; Ford Looks to Android, Google for the Future

Kotlin 1.4.3 Peeks Inside 1.5

Developers curious about what's coming in Kotlin 1.5 can get a peek now if they download Kotlin 1.4.3, which delivers "experimental" support for sealed interfaces and classes to give apps control over how classes can be implement or extended. 

17 Tips for Optimizing JavaScript

As the venerable JavaScript language evolves, so too does its performance, but only if developers take advantage. Here's a list of quick coding examples for speed improvements that you might be able to use right now. 

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Are You Using Emojis the Wrong Way? 

If you've been using copy-paste to include emojis in your app, the images might not be rendering on every target device. With just a few extra lines of code, you can help ensure that what's being seen on the far end is exactly what's intended. 

Atlassian Cloud Enterprise Plan

Software maker Atlassian has released Cloud Enterprise, with cloud-based instances of its flagship Jira project tracking and Confluence document collaboration apps that can be spun up as a company's demand requires. 

Navigating Google's New Location Policy 

"The times they are a changin'." Never have Bob Dylan's words been more true than today, and one deadline has already passed for gaining permission for an app to use Android background location services. Here's a soup-to-nuts guide to the process. 

Row of Ford Ranger XTLs

Ford Looks to Android, Google for the Future

Ford Motor Company has announced a deal with Google parent Alphabet to deploy Android in most of its vehicles for at least six years, starting in 2023. The far-reaching agreement also includes efforts to collaborate on modernization of Ford's manufacturing and car-buing processes.