IN THIS ISSUE: Industries on the Brink; Linux Kernel Bug; Tiny JQuery Alternative; 60 Front-end tools; The 'Monorepo' Approach; Google Seeks Government Help


robotic automation

Four Industries on the Brink of Disruption

As the technology advances, robotics once again is poised to cause major disruptions in several industries, just as it did decades ago in automotive and elsewhere in manufacturing.


Linux Kernel Bug Found, Fixed

A dangerous defect was found in a sensitive area of the Linux kernel. It was a heap overflow bug in the part that tracks file and block size and where stuff is stored. Fortunately, most distros now have the fix.


A Tiny Alternative to JQuery

Who would replace JQuery with something less powerful and harder to use? No one, unless the alternative did the same job, had good APIs and was one-tenth the size. That's Umbrella JS.


60 Hottest Front-end Tools of 2021

There's plenty of help out there for developers building apps of any kind. For those that require a user interface, here are 60 examples.  


The 'Monorepo' Approach to Code Management

When managing a large coding project, does your organization require a single code base or allow developers to break it into pieces? Both approaches have merit, but one is more efficient and less fragile. 


Google Asks the Government for Help

When a company as large and powerful as Google asks for help, there's likely something terrible afoot. The search behemoth says that open-source software is too full of holes.