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Edward Correia - July 20, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE: Doing More with APIs; Microsoft Adds Lombok to Code; Bootstrap 5.2 Now Stable; Mentor, Don't Micromanage; Free Icons for SVG, Figma; SCM Shootout: GitHub vs. GitLab


The rise of APIs | TechCrunch

APIs: Doing More than Simply Carrying Data

The emergence of APIs and web-based interoperability standards have given rise to an internet more powerful and expansive than even Al Gore could ever have imagined. Let's keep it going.


Microsoft Adds Lombok to Code

Code, Microsoft's venerable (and free) code editor for Visual Studio, now has native support for Lombok, the open-source Java library that helps automate repetitive coding tasks. The tool also now supports some drag-and-drop and a way to hide the Inlay Hints feature it added last April. 


Bootstrap 5.2 Now Stable

Bootstrap has come a long way since its origins as "Twitter Blueprint" in 2010. Now in its fifth major revision, the free front-end website development kit offers redesigned buttons and inputs, refreshed components and documentation and new functional environment samples. 


Mentor, Don't Micromanage

Good advice for managers, sure, but even better for the browser. At least that's Andy Bell's view. Take a 45-minute break and learn tricks of the trade from the founder of Set Studio and watch his session from the All Day Hey! 2022 conference last May. 


Free Icons for SVG or Figma

Who doesn't like "free?" Here's a site with more than 220 icons from "arrows" to "zoom-out" that are searchable, scalable, colorable and free for personal and commercial use. 


SCM Shootout: GitHub vs. GitLab

There's little doubt that a source code management system is a must-have tool for developers, and particularly for development teams. But which one's best for the enterprise? Here's a breakdown of two popular SCM systems, both built on Git.  



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