IN THIS ISSUE: Google Tests Extra-App Purchase; Angular 10 Fights Bugs; GitHub Actions Safely Signs Apps; Honeycode Makes Sweet Apps; EU Launches Anti-trust Probe into Apple 

Google Tests Purchases Outside the App

Google has given a set of developers access to a new Play-store feature that allows users to purchase a subscription to an app without having to download it. The feature also allows developers set up a details page to explain the purchase and trial provisions, including the trial length, cost to purchase and features included, an effort to provide more transparancy and prevent the spread of "fleeceware." 

Angular 10 Better with Numbers, Bugs

Angular, the popular cross-platform JavaScript framework for building mobile and desktop apps, has reached version 10, and with it comes a new date-range picker, warnings against performance-sapping code and advanced bug-catching features. 

GitHub Actions Can Safely Sign Android Apps

For developers looking for a safe and secure way to automate the signing of their Android apps, look no further. David Gonzales of BBVA Next Technologies explains how to sign a release artifact without having to store the keys in a public repo. 

Honeycode Makes Sweet Apps

Amazon Web Services last week unveiled Honeycode, a managed environment it claims allows organizations to build mobile and web-based apps with little or no code.  A web-based tool itself, Honeycode employs a drag-and-drop UI, is backed by an AWS-based database and is free to use and deploy for apps that service as many as 20 users. Honeycode, now in beta, was introduced in a blog post; a release date was not announced.  

EU Investigating Apple App Store

The European Union earlier this month launched an anti-trust action against Apple and its App Store, alleging that its 30 percent commission on ebook sales and subscriptions violates its policies and that its Apple Pay service unfairly prevents institutions other than Apple from using NFC to conduct finalcial transactions.