IN THIS ISSUE: Tweaking Mac Dev Environs; Building Mobile-first Apps; A/B Testing at the New York Times; Setting a Delay with CSS; Cooking Up 'Cookie Consent'; Using JS to Manage CSS the Google Way

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Tweaking the macOS Development Environment

Developers who've chosen macOS as their platform have myriad options for customizing their working environment. Here's a deep exploration of ways to tweak the shell, framework, prompts and more. 


How to Build Mobile-first Apps

Of the 4.66 billion people connected to the internet as of 2020, 4.28 billion are connected via mobile device.  Is your app optimized for the vast majority of its users? 

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A/B Testing at the New York Times

If you're not currently A/B testing your app UI screens to determine which has more appeal, you should be. Here's how they do it at "the paper of record." 


Code Tip: Using CSS to Set a Delay

If there's ever a reason to delay a user from clicking a link, you've found the CSS code that will do it. 


How to add an EU Cookie Consent popup to your web site | Scottie's Tech.Info

The State of GDPR

If you still haven't gotten around to implementing "cookie consent" (aka GDPR) or are just interested in the latest news, this piece has you covered. 


Using JS to Manage CSS the Google Way

Here's how Google uses JavaScript to manage, and sometimes generate, CSS depending on app-user behavior.