IN THIS ISSUE: Myriad Reasons to Consider Google Flutter; Creeping Closer to 'Skynet'; At 60, COBOL Still Going Strong; The Costs of Technical Debt; Build a VM, Earn $200K


Myriad Reasons to Consider Google Flutter

If you're seeking a platform for mobile development that targets multiple platforms, the Google Flutter mobile UI framework is worth a serious look. 

Creeping Closer to 'Skynet'

The development of artificial intelligence has been a goal of computer scientists since they've existed, and has been portrayed in movies like The Terminator with dire consequences. Breakthroughs in computing speed and power, big data and machine learning are accelerating the pace as never before. 

Does Anyone Still Use COBOL?

The answer is apparently yes, according to a report. 60 years old and still going strong, COBOL is still finding favor with companies that reportedly would rather modernize their existing assets than rip out and replace their systems. 

The Costs of Technical Debt

It's common for development organizations to make trade-offs. Decisions such as buying versus building or skipping features for quicker release are accountable in the form of technical debt. And all come at a cost.  How much is your DevOps team willing to pay? 


$200K Reward: Build a VM for EOS

If you've built or read about decentralized apps, you're likely familiar with Ethereum, the distributed open-source computing platform that's been dubbed the "world's computer." But its popularity has become an albatross, and Block.One, one of its main contributors is offering a reward cash reward for anyone who can help sove its scalability issues by building a virtual machine for its EOS blockchain.