IN THIS ISSUE: RPA: Old and New Again; Why Are Tools so Bad?; Moving to the Center; Post-pandemic Take-aways; Doing Push Right; When to Follow, When to Lead


robotic arm in a warehouse checking inventory


Robotic Process Automation: New Tech or Old-School?

While spooky images of humanoid robots doing everyday things might dominate the twitterverse, behind-the-scenes software has been automating repetitive tasks such as parsing resumés for decades. Here's a look at the state of the art with surprises about where it's found. 


Wondering Why Your Tools are Sub-par? 

The author used a different adjective, but his point on the less-than-ideal state of the tools in use by many organizations is well taken. This thoughtful piece explores why it is and what can be done about it.  


Practical Guide to Centering in CSS

Moving to the Center 

Even the most non-OCD app users notice when something isn't perfectly centered within its bounding box. Here's a practical guide to centering with CSS so everyone can sleep better at night. 


Take-aways Of a Post-pandemic Reality

After two-plus years of wall-to-wall Covid coverage, probably the last thing anyone wants to read about is anything related to the pandemic. But don't scroll away just yet. Here's a look at why some companies thrived since 2020 while others crumbled like (spoiler alert) civilization's ancient relics. 


Beginners guide to web push notifications using service workers

Doing Push Right

Sometimes developers have no choice but to be pushy. Do it right by following the "Ultimate Guide to Push Notifications," which covers the major platforms, promotional versus transactional use of push technology and some basic Do's and Don'ts. This one's bookmark-worthy. 


Sometimes It's Better Not to Follow

The phrase "Because we've always done it that way" should be forever banned as the reason for doing anything. Traditions are great, but only if they're regularly questioned and compared with new ideas. Here's a case in point almost two centuries old that has stood the test of time.