Industry News - Week of Oct. 17, 2022

Edward Correia - October 13, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE: Android to Support Passkeys; IBM Acquires Digital Engineering Consultancy; CSS Nesting Survey Results; What's Next for Web Tech?; Making a Good Mobile UX; App Contest Judge Shares Secrets


Android, Chrome to Support Password Alternative

In an effort to forward its goal of a future free of passwords, Google has announced that Android and the Chrome browser will support passkeys, which it says offer a more secure means of authentication than typed-in passwords. 


IBM Acquires Digital Engineering Consultancy

IBM has acquired Dialexa, a cutting-edge digital engineering consultancy that specializes in design and development of end-to-end digital solutions for the enterprise. 


CSS Nesting Survey Results

More than 7500 developers responded to the request for opinions solicited by the CSS Working Group over the summer. Remarkably, the overwhelming majority were in sync about how to implement the addition of CSS within a rule set. 


What's Next for the Web?

The so-called "Web 2.0" seems like a lifetime ago. Social media being what it is, it's hard to imagine a time when content on a server could not be updated from a client browser. What will be the next major development? Here's a deep dive into tech under development. 


The Make-up of Good Mobile Apps

What constitutes a "good" mobile app? Why does one app succeed while so many others fail? Here are some of the basics for designing and building solid, usable apps for the small screen.



App-Contest Judge Shares Secrets

With multiple top prizes of $15K up for grabs, contestants in the 2022 Apps UP competition might have benefited from reading this interview before making their submissions. Here's a short interview with one of the judges about criteria for casting his votes. 



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