Industry News - Week of Oct. 3, 2022

Edward Correia - September 29, 2022

IN THIS ISSUE: Fighting Ransomware; Google Enhances TTS Voices; Top Programming Languages of 2022; Looping Videos Without Gifs; OpenAI Opens DALL-E to All; Intel's Autonomous Driving Effort


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How to Fight Pervasive Ransomware 

Now that ransomware-as-a-service is a thing, the number of attacks has been steadily increasing. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in a recent report stated that at least 60 entities had been compromised as of March. Here are some tactics to fight back.    


Google Enhances TTS Voices

Google has updated the synthesized voices included in its Speech Services engine, claiming that all 421 voices across 67 languages have drastically improved "clarity and naturalness." Listen to samples in the announcement blog post. Downloads are automatic for 64-bit devices.


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Top Programming Languages of 2022

The IEEE has published its 2022 report of the top programming languages, jobs demanding the same, and those that are trending. Here's a good summary. 


Looping Videos Without Gifs

For years, the easiest way to present a looping series of images online was with an animated gif. Here's how to do it with the trusty HTML playsinline function and a multitude of video formats and avoid those clunky, low-res gif files. 


OpenAI Opens DALL-E to All

The wait is over. OpenAI has removed the requirement to stand in line for DALL-E, its artificial intelligence engine that turns text into imagery. Careful what you wish for…the singularity is coming, and it might not be as expected. 


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Inside Intel's Autonomous Driving Effort

Can Intel cure what's ailing the electric auto industry? Rob Enderle believes so. The industry veteran shares his experiences while visiting Intel's Israel Development Center and opines about the future of autonomous driving and Intel's place in it. 



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