IN THIS ISSUE: Hashgraph Opens Beta to Public; Husqvarna's Lawn-Mowing Robots; Android 10 Security Showdown; RFID Growth Spurt Expected; How Machine Vision Improves Manufacturing; Testing the Test Frameworks 

Hedera Hashgraph Platform Public Beta
Officially unveiled in 2017, Hashgraph is like a blockchain of every transaction ever conducted by anyone. It makers say it has the potential to form an impenetrable "trust layer" for creating secure, decentralized apps of every type. Now the beta is open to anyone. 



Husqvarna Gets Serious About Robotic Lawn Mowing
The Swedish power equipment maker last week unveiled its virtual boundary technology that uses satellite data to steer robotic lawn equipment with a precision of about three centimeters. 

Beefed Up Security in Android 10 Rivals iOS 13
It's hard to compare the device security offered by one platform over another, but this CNet piece does a decent job of explaining new security features coming in Android 10 Q. You're welcome. 

RFID Growth Spurt Expected: Report
While climate-change alarmists call for a reduction in methane-producing cows and other livestock, unphased farmers are incresingly using RFID tags to manage their herds. A report released earlier this month by Infiniti Research estimates a 12 percent increase in RFID usage this year as a result of government mandates and more into the future.  

The Case Against Amazon Retail Stores
Suzanne Jones, a VP at Hershey, examines how and why Amazon entered the retail grocery market and what it could mean for this and other industries. 

How Machine Vision Improves Manufacturing
Four case studies showing how equipping machines with the ability to see, think about, and act on the images they process can improve machine maintenance and product quality while creating a safer environment for workers.   

Android Testing Frameworks Compared
Android development veteran Alex Zhukovich compares Google's Espresso and UiAutomator native testing frameworks and the Appium cross-platform system.