Industry News - Week of Sep. 9, 2019

IN THIS ISSUE: Is Apple Testing AR?; Q is for Quitting; Robotics in Farming; Samsung Latest Rugged Tablet; Don't Make AI Apps Too Smart; 

Code found in iOS 13 suggests that Apple is testing its AR glasses

Is Apple Testing Augmented Reality?
Reports vary, but one trusted analyst is certain that Apple is hard at work developing an augmented reality system into iOS 13 that will drive glasses that project data directly onto the eye and use gloves to control the experience. Production could begin as soon as next year. 

Android Community Quits Naming Desserts
It's been a good run with some apparent challenges that resulted in the use of brand-names (i.e., KitKat and Oreo), but it appears that the letter "Q" has finally stumped the Android community. The next release is known simply as Android 10.

 Fruit picking robots like this one, developed by Fieldwork Robotics, operate for more than 20 hours a day

How Robots Will Help Feed the World
An estimated nine billion people are expected to populate the Earth by 2050. To feed them all, farmers will be expected to more than double their current yields, and they'll rely on technology to do it. 

Samsung's Latest Rugged Tablet

Glove- and wet-touch modes are among the features of Samsung's latest rugged tablet, a 10-inch, 1920x1200-pixel unit that will list for around $660 with 64GB RAM and 64GB of built-in storage (with a slot that supports 512GB more). It's IP68 rated against dust and water intrusion and can reportedly withstand a drop from about four feet. 

AI Apps Can Be Too Intelligent
Organizations building artificial intelligence into their apps had better make sure that those apps don't advance so much as to make them unusable.  

The JavaScript Developer's Favorite Tools
An analysis of data from 90,000 visitors to StackOverflow, a favorite site for developers seeking help, revealed that people are using the world's most popular language for many things other than its originally intended purpose.