Jul. 24, 2023 - U.S. Gov't Email Hacked With Fake MS Creds

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IN THIS ISSUE: MS Systems Hacked from China; ChatGPT 4 Open to All; Bigger Pages, Smaller Ranking; Private 5G Slowly Gains Traction; Wanna Hack Some Phones?; Lindy's Law in Test Automation


US diplomat's email account caught in Chinese hackers' crosshairs | Daily  Sabah


Microsoft Email Systems Hacked

Microsoft on July 11 revealed that hackers based in China used forged credentials to penetrate the email systems of dozens of Microsoft customers, including some government agencies. Microsoft has since mitigated the attacks, and released a statement explaining how


ChatGPT 4 is Open to the Public

The wait is over; ChatGPT 4 is now available to anyone willing to fork over $20 a month. For developers, the news comes with some strings. The system is updating many of its components, which will require manual updates by Jan. 4, 2024. 


Big Pages Can Mean Small Ranking 

Web pages, like many people, tend to get larger with age. And from the looks of things (namely the chart above), pages this year have grown considerably since last, especially in video and JavaScript content. 


Private 5G Gains Traction, But Slowly 

After learning the benefits of implementing a standalone 5G network, one might think that the technology would be taking the world by storm. But the enterprise moves slowly, and adequate use cases that justify such a move also have been slow to emerge. 


Learn about Zebra's Private 5G strategy. 



Pssst! Hey Kid…Wanna Hack Some Phones?

Given enough time, scientists and hackers will figure out everything and eventually post it on the web. Case in point: The title links to a paper called "DeepMasterPrints: Generating Master Prints for Dictionary Attacks via Latent Variable Evolution." We assume it's intended to help prevent attacks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lindy's Law in Test Automation

This article might have been titled "If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It." It explores the tendency of some organizations to continuously seek newer or better solutions to problems that are currently being solved with older ones. The author, Torsten Zelger, also created the cartoon.


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