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Jun 12, 2023 - Monster API Tames GPUs; AI Departs 'Reality'

Edward Correia -

IN THIS ISSUE: Monster API Brings GPUs to Heel; Browsers add New Color Spaces; Animate With Gradients for Eyeballs; AI Creates its Own 'Reality'; PyPI Suspends Operations; Is Apple's Latest Vision Less Visionary? 

Monster - AI Generated Artwork - NightCafe Creator

Monster API Brings GPUs, AI to Heel

While it might have yet to reach 800 pounds, AI is clearly the new gorilla in the room, and developers would do well to prepare. Offering help is Monster API, a San Francisco-based startup that claims to cut up to 90 percent of the development time needed when integrating apps with GPU-powered large language models. 


3 Browsers Support New CSS Color Spaces 

Colors outside the sRGB spectrum are now up for grabs thanks to new CSS color spaces, and the spec is supported by Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Among the benefits is a more accurate and vibrant web-page display on HD monitors. 


Tutorial: Animate Gradients with CSS

The art of persuasion starts with getting attention, and generating movement is among the best ways to catch the eye. This tutorial describes how to use CSS to display animated gradients in a button background. 


AI Sometimes Creates its Own 'Reality'

Large language models were designed to examine words published by humans and in response to inquiries, formulate them as accurate, intelligible information. But humans sometimes make stuff up. And unfortunately, so does AI, which can wreak havoc on an enterprise. 


PyPI Suspends Operations, Citing Malicious Activities 

Are they finally throwing in the towel? Almost since its inception the Python Package Index has been under suspicion for malicious activities, as reported here last February and again a year earlier. Now it has stopped accepting new projects altogether. 


A person does work while using an Apple Vision Pro headset.

Is Apple's Latest Vision Less Visionary?

With Apple visionary founder Steve Jobs at the helm, product introduction missteps were rare. But its latest product, a $3,500 AR/VR headset, has many analysts scratching their heads. A remote training tool for big-budgeted schools and businesses? Sure. But for cash-strapped consumers it's most likely a non-starter.



Edward Correia

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