Device Health overview

With the world needing to work remotely, there has never been a better time to find new ways of accessing your assets across your company.  Zebra Data Services recently introduced a new set of 11 APIs designed to let you access historical data and analytics for your Mobile Computers.  Anyone who is interested in using or testing these APIs must contact their Zebra Account Manager or Partner Manager in order to access them so that we can onboard you and your devices. 

Effective utilization of Zebra® Android® mobile computers enables organizations to boost overall productivity by maximizing device uptime and worker efficiency. Mobile Computer Device Health APIs make these outcomes possible by revealing key health and usage data for Zebra mobile computers such as:

  • How well the devices are functioning
  • Software issues that need to be resolved
  • Hardware parts that need to be replaced, including the battery
  • Operational workflow usage patterns and exception reporting

Armed with this knowledge, users can make better management, workflow and budgetary decisions that are pivotal to profitability. 

For more information about these APIs and what they can do, we put together a video series that explains the benefits of each API in this product.  

Device Information: In this video, we discuss the 11 Device Health APIs as a whole and dig into 3 of them.  The 3 APIs that are discussed in detail have to do with general device information and errors.  Device Status gives you information about a device – it’s model, OS version, and other important details.  Device Disruption tells when the device is turned off, by the user or a system call.  Device Utilization lets you know when and how often the devices are being interacted with.



Battery Health: The Battery Health video is all about Batteries!  We go through 3 Device Health APIs, 2 give access to raw records and one is a predictive analytics API.  Battery Status tells you the charge level, voltage, temperature and other information about the battery each time it reports in.  Battery Events lets you track it’s charging history letting you know when it is put on a charger or the battery is switched on a device.  Battery Health is a Machine Learning algorithm that tells you how long your battery is likely to last based on usage over time.   



Applications: The Applications video delves into 3 more Device Health APIs around applications running on the Mobile Computer devices.  One API just pulls the records of the application packages running on the devices and when they were installed.  Another API shows records of when applications have “Application Not Responding” events. The Application Usage API shows use, by package, on a device or by model.

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Analytics: This video showcases the 3 analytics APis in the Device Health package.  Battery Health, General Analytics, and Device Location!

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Please refer to our YouTube playlist for Zebra Data Services for additional content.  Be sure to check it out!