Transform Your Business Model with VisibilityIQTM Foresight APIs

Zebra VisibilityIQTM APIs helps our customers to improve their operational efforts and better streamline efficiencies. Our APIs expose volumes of detailed information related to device health, availability, utilization, and support. Our APIs help to provide a more complete picture of their business and helps gain insights to drive profits. There are over 20 VisibilityIQ Foresight APIs to help improve our customers business model.  

New VisibilityIQ Foresight APIs Help Provide Effective Management Solutions

VisibilityIQ API functionality is providing operational insights customers gain from our platform through our user interface. This allows customers to ingest and leverage the data insight directly into their systems. The latest additions to our API suite are:

  • Battery Swap Activity Discover battery, charger, or business process issues based on number of times batteries are changed in devices to maintain a continuous work-flow and improve business process efficiencies.
  • WLAN Signal Strength helps to identify site areas and access points with poor signal strength to quickly address any declining performance or changes in access point and device connectivity.
  • Newly Added Devices lets you Identify dates when devices are first seen and first used for new device roll-outs and devices returning from repair allowing you to verify and track ROI metrics of new deployment and better manage and optimize device workflow.

For our full list of APIs, please visit our VisibilityIQ API web pages and keep checking back for more updates.