Transform Your Business Model with VisibilityIQ APIs

Robin West - May 12, 2021

Zebra VisibilityIQTM APIs help our customers to improve their operational efforts and better streamline efficiencies. Our APIs expose volumes of detailed information related to device health, availability, utilization, and support. Our APIs help to provide a more complete picture of their business and help gain insights to drive profits. There are over 20 VisibilityIQ Foresight APIs to improve our customers business model and we keep adding more!

New Print Support Added to Select APIs

We are excited to launch support for Zebra DNA Printers to the first batch of VisbilityIQ APIs! Now you can access the same valuable insights for your printer deployments that have previously been provided for mobile computers. The following APIs now support printer data:

  • Out of Contact (OOC) help to recover offline or lost devices with OOC reporting which displays the devices that have gone OOC and also aids in pinpointing lost or stolen devices.
  • Newly Added Devices helps to ensure the utilization of the device and that the new deployment is on track for operational efficiency.
  • Critical Battery Events help to avoid device service disruptions. Know when battery life is at 30% or less.
  • Devices in Operation allows you to view and categorize the status of all your devices in operation over a 24-hour span to track device utilization.
  • Smart Battery Health helps to identify batteries that are no longer holding a charge before the battery charge is depleted and devices become unusable.

We will continue to augment the VisibilityIQ API portfolio with great printer support and more APIs in the coming months.

For our full list of APIs, please visit our VisibilityIQ API web pages and keep checking back for more updates.


Robin West

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