U.S. Government Bans All Software from Kaspersky Labs

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IN THIS ISSUE: U.S. Bans Kaspersky Software; Why the Split Log-in?; Historic Women in Engineering; Keys to Effective Remote Work; JavaScript Still King, Says Researcher; TUTORIAL: Four Underused JavaScript APIs


US bans Russia's Kaspersky software ...

U.S. Bans Kaspersky Software

Further demonstrating its fear of what Ronald Reagan dubbed the "Evil Empire," the Biden Administration last week placed a ban on all software from Russia-based Kaspersky Labs, citing concerns over the security of U.S. consumer data. Biden signed a TikTok ban into law in April. 


Why the Split Log-in? 

A developer walks into a bar with two halves of a tree trunk. The bartender asks: "Hey buddy, why'd you bring that split log in?" It might not be relevant to anything currently on the to-do list, but for us, it answers a question that has been lingering for years. It's quick and interesting read. 


Celebrating Women's History Month - Hedy Lamaar - The Curl Boutique

Historic Women in Engineering

Yesterday was International Women in Engineering Day, an annual event organized by the UK-based Women's Engineering Society. It celebrates accomplishments that often don't receive recognition, and more often escape recollection. 


Keys to Effective Remote Work

For some, the chance to work from home full time might be worth a career without role changes or promotions. For others, that's just a corporate tactic to force workers to spend more time in the office. For lobbyists of the former, this piece provides talking points for making the case. 

a data graph showing size of programming language communities in Q1 2024

JavaScript Still King: SlashData

JavaScript might still be king of all programming languages, but Rust never sleeps, and is gaining fast. That's according to researcher SlashData's recent Developer Nation Survey, which found that 25.2 million people are using JavaScript, four million more than last year.  


TUTORIAL: Four Underused JavaScript APIs

For mobile developers looking to connect their web apps with the host device's hardware, these four JavaScript APIs should be in their toolbox.  


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