As enterprise software developers, we want things as easy as possible.  The Zebra Data Services team understands and has created 4 new SDKs in your favorite programming languages.  Now you can work with our Data Services using an Android-Java SDK, a .NET Core SDK, a Python SDK or a JavaScript SDK.  They will soon be available on your favorite package management systems as well.

These SDKs are useful as they have built-in object models and serializations for all the APIs to make it very simple to work with them. Because they are in multiple languages, you can embed them into your apps with ease without having to dig through the API documentation.  Including them with package management means you will always have the latest version at hand.  We have a sample code app with each SDK so you can see how to use the SDK and some things you can do with it.

These SDKs are currently designed around the Barcode Intelligence APIs currently available on the Developer Portal.  These APIs are great for adding value to your application by providing simple access to several data sources and tools for barcode scanning. 

  • The Generate Barcode API provides a simple, inexpensive method to create a PNG image of a barcode that you can present in your app on demand.  This is excellent for verifying identity, picking up products, or any number of mobile and web use cases.
  • The UPC Lookup API gives you access to a huge database of retail products, allowing you to easily pull information about what product the UPC is, who makes it, where it is sold and price ranges as well as images of that product. 
  • The FDA Recall API is more for healthcare and grocery related use cases providing you with simplified access the US FDA recall list for both food and pharmaceutical drugs.  As customers scan products in a retail or warehouse situation, they can be notified immediately if the product has an active recall on it. 

Full source code is now available on Github.  Please feel free to clone or download them.  You're also welcome to pull requests to update and extend them. 

Java SDK

Java Sample Code App


C# Sample Code App

Python SDK

Python Sample Code App

JavaScript SDK

JavaScript/Angular Sample Code App


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