Alternative to using Remoke Desktop on Windows Mobile Devices

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All, If you would like an alternative to using Remote Desktop on our WM devices, you can try the attached TSCClient, called "WalTscClient".  It is a program that uses the MSTscAx.dll (same control used by Remote Desktop), but adds some of the following features:

Automatic Login to the server using the specified User Name and Password.

Password is stored in an AES 256 encrypted form in the registry.
MotoTscClient releases 1.0.20 and earlier use RSA Encryption, version 1.1.0 and newer will use AES.

Can be started using a default session stored in the registry or from a short cut link.
Foreign Language support for all visible text strings in MotoTscClient.
Displays “Out of Range” Message when a weak radio signal is detected over WiFi.
Show / Hide Task Bar based on the session.
Session can connect to more than one server so that if a server is unavailable, a backup server can be used.
When a Session is disconnected, MotoTscClient can retry the connection a number of times, switch to another server and attempt the connection, or just exit.

If there are multiple servers, load balancing can be used.  The initial target server will be chosen based on the device’s Serial Number.

For VGA devices using WM 6.5.3, Smart Zoom can be enabled to change the display to QVGA for legacy applications that were hardcoded to use a 240 by 320 display.

If Smart Zoom is used, gestures are not passed to the server.  Thus a signature capture application on the server would not work, but pressing buttons will.  The gestures are used instead to scroll around in the Zoom window.

SIP (Software Input Panel) may be hidden or shown on a per session basis.

Position of the SIP Icon on the screen is configurable.
Position of SIP on the screen is configurable.

The rdp configuration file may be located anyplace on the device, not just the window directory.
Only Full Screen mode is supported.

The application is used by at least one of our major customers, but it is being provided as a 'limited-support' application at this time.  Thus, it is up to the client to determine if this is appropriate for their use case. For questions please email

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Version 2.0.2 of MotoTscClient is now available for use.  It has been updated to work with CE 7.0 and CE 6.0 devices. It's been posted under a new post.  Search fvor "MotoTscClient" and you should be able to find it.

Customer is having issues on sending F6 and F7 keys to rdp session (WM6.5.3 client) - does MotoTSCClient cures this? Thanks, Valery

For all who are interested, a version of MotoTscClient that will work with CE 6 and CE 7 devices is in the works.  For CE 6 and CE 7, Microsoft changed the interfaces to the active X control thus breaking the code. I've recently received the updated information from Microsoft and will be scheduling a project to re-write MotoTscClient for CE 6 and CE 7  It should be available end of 2nd quarter, or beginning of third quarter, at the latest. For more information, you can email myself directly.

P Pietro Francesco Maggi

Cengiz, may be not the latest release but inside the r48 source archive there are older release pre-compiled. I've taken a quick look at the source and, as they're now, they need some works to compile with MC21x0 PSDK to avoid some WM libraries. Let me know if the older release works fine on the MC2180 otherwise I'll look into compile a version for you. But at this moment I don't have a MC2180 handy... Ciao Pietro

Hi Pietro, I'll test it as soon as possible. thanks.

Hi Pietro, I tested r36 in Unfortunately it doesn't work on MC2180 CE core :( Application never starts. Regards

M Marcus Kurath

it might mak sense totry th old ASR display. it can befound on unde th wt4090vow software

P Pietro Francesco Maggi

Cengiz, Regarding MC2180, this device uses Windows CE 6.0 core that does not include RDP. If the TSCClient described in this post, uses the Microsoft RDP dll, than I think that you are out of luck on the MC2180. I've seen that on the MC2180 it's possible to use the open source: A description of the app is available here:… Ciao Pietro

Hi, Thanks for the answers, But there are only source codes and nothing for installationunfortunately.

Hi All, It works on WM great but is there any thing to make it work on CE6.0 ? I need to get it for MC2180 and I'm getting some messages as attached while I try to run. reg file is merged and related shortcut is under startmenu already. I would appreciate if you may help thanks

M Marcus Kurath

it might mak sense totry th old ASR display. it can befound on unde th wt4090vow software

J Jaehoon Lee

Hello, David. I tried to use with editing registry as below( attached modified registry file). However it doesn't work. Would you review, please?
Server IP:

ID : MC3190

PW: Inetbank1234 "UserName"="MC3190" "Password"="18789981df23d6455317b103a92e47b6" "Server"="" Is it correct? Is there anything to edit more ? Thanks. - Jaehoon -

All, We've discovered a "feature" in version 1.1.1 of MotoTscClient.  There was a buffer overrun problem discovered that is fixed in version 1.1.2 which is attached to this post. As always, if you have any questions, you can email me at:

You may have run into the same buffer overrun problem that I just fixed.  There's a version 1.1.2 attached to this chain.  Give it a try. I took a quick look at your registry file and it looks ok. If you still are having problems.  Set the "DebugLevel" in the registry to 4 and then email me the resultant log so that I can take a look at it. You can also download the version from Compass at:… Dave

... and also maybe CE 5?  E.g. for VC5090?

T Thomas Cassar

If you download the Zip file and read the User Guide, you will see this supports: " Windows CE 5.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.1, and Windows Mobile 6.5.3 devices that use either QVGA or VGA displays".  The posting title was just a little misleading. Windows CE6 should work assuming the device has MS Remote Desktop already installed in the OS.  It was just never tested. Per the development engineer:
I haven’t specifically tested it with a CE 6 device, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, as long as applications built for CE 5.0 platforms can run on the device (lowest common denominator).  The other gating factor is whether the MSTscAx.dll was included in the BSP.  If it isn’t, then the BSP probably doesn’t support RDP either since this is the same control that RDP uses. 

Dave, This is a very nice applicaton especially for customers who need to use QVGA resolution for a RDP connection on a VGA unit such as the MC65. For convenience I have built the attached installer which wraps up the files and puts them all into a folder under \Program Files together with some default shortcuts in the Programs screen under MotoTSC:

TSC_QVGALock – this will lock the zoom to QVGA so that it cannot be unzoomed To change the host logon info , just edit the MotoTscClient.reg file with the required details and merge the file with the system registry. Best Regards, Ian Hatton MSI EMEA

E Evgene Vigoutov

Hi, will it work on CE6.0 also?

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