Dropped Last Week: Android 15 Beta 1.2 Cures its Many Ills

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IN THIS ISSUE: Android 15, Beta1.2 a Must-have; Tutorial: Dependency Injection 101; MS DOS Now Open Source; Most Companies Lack These Two Skills; How MS Won The DOS Wars; Hacker Economy Larger Than Japan's


Android 15 Beta 1.2 disponibile da oggi: tutte le novità -

Android 15 Beta 1.2 Fixes Swarm of Bugs

Full stop for bleeding-edge developers building on Android 15. Apparently there were more than a few small bugs in the early betas. Late last week, the community released Android 15, Beta 1.2, an update that fixes screen flickering, battery drain, crashes and more. 


Tutorial: Dependency Injection 101

If ease of testing and code reusability are important, then dependency injection should be part of any app. As its name would imply, dependency injection is a pattern of coding that provides instances of objects within the code rather than requiring the app to construct them.


MS-DOS | Definition, Features, Importance, & Facts | Britannica

MS DOS Now Open Source

We old-timers of the IT industry remember that workdays once greeted us with a DOS prompt like the one above. Now the operating code that booted the PC industry has been opened for all the world to see. 


Most Companies Lack Two Certain Skills 

Brush up on cybersecurity and cloud skills. That's one way to interpret the 2024 Technical Skills report by researcher Pluralsight. Its finding from 1,400 execs and IT pros was that 65 percent believed their companies lacked the skills needed to adequately protect their networks from online threats. 



How Microsoft Won the DOS Wars

To continue strolling down memory lane, here's a longer piece on the history of DOS as told from the perspective of Microsoft and its clever victory over one of the biggest and most pioneering computer companies of all time.


Hacker Economy Larger than Japan's

No longer just about bragging rights, being a hacker is a lucrative business. If fact, it has reportedly become the world's third-largest economy, exceeded only by those of America and China, costing companies more than $6 trillion around the world.


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