MIB files for Zebra printers

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V Volodymyr Fedyshyn 2 years 5 months ago
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I am developing application for monitoring zebra printers on a plant (model GK420t with network interface) via SNMP. Does anybody know where or how it is possible to get MIB structure for this model?

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K Kheen Gamboa

Hi Robin,

Could you please provide the MIB's for the Zebra OS Link printers again ?

Thanks in advance


Hi Kheen,
We update and add new things to the Link-OS MIB all the time, but don't always publish the updates externally.  The easiest way to get a full MIB from Link-OS printers is to get it directly from the printer now.  Creating an SNMP MIB File on a QLn Printer using Zebra Setup Utilities  This article says QLn printers, but should work with any Link-OS printer.

L Liam Barksdale

I am unable to download the MIB. I registered myself with Zebra and confirmed my email address and everything. So frustrating...I'm just trying to download a gd MIB to assist with a network/hardware discovery project, as we have some Zebra printers not getting classified correctly.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


When you say you are unable to download, what are you seeing?  And which MIB?  The one in this thread, or the Link-OS one?

d dean di pietrantonio

Which mib can I use for the gx420d? I've tried OID's ive found but no results. I have a feeling i'm using the wrong OID.

A Angela Smith

Hi Robin,
I was wondering if there was an update on the  MIB for the Link-OS printers please?

Hi Volodymyr, The GK models share a MIB with our printserver.  It can be downloaded here Support for the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server.  If you intend to move to one of our Link-OS printers in the future, we do have a much more expanded MIB for greater monitoring and control of the printer and print functions.  I'll post the link soon. Hope this helps, Robin

V Volodymyr Fedyshyn

Thanks. It did help.

C Charles Platt

Do you recall where the link is for the MIB referenced in this chain? I cannot find anywhere else on the net that has the MIB I'm looking for. This thread is the ONLY thread that mentions to download it from here however no links are available to download it. Any help would be highly appreciated

J James Swinton-Bland

Is this the link you're looking for? https://www.zebra.com/gb/en/support-downloads/printers/print-servers/ze…

Zebra Print Server MIB is available as a download about ~half way down the page

C Charles Platt

Thanks, not that one it's the one mentioned above for the Link-OS printers. My apologies if as I wasn't clear now that I look back.  Only thing is we're still running into issues getting the proper information back from it for the gx420t model. Has anyone found a solution or have a MIB specifically for this model?

S Steven Si

For Link-OS printers, the MIB can be downloaded from the support page of the specific Link-OS printer model. For example, go to the firmware section on the support page for the ZQ610 printer model at the ZQ610, ZQ620 & ZQ630 MOBILE PRINTER SUPPORT, the MIB file is in the middle of the firmware section.

For non Link-OS printers, such as the GX420t model, the MIB can be downloaded from the Support for the ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server page.

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