Android 15 Set for Summer Launch; Getting an iPhone Vibe?

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IN THIS ISSUE: Android 15 Set for Summer Launch; Is Android Getting an iPhone Vibe?; Early Reviews of AI Pin Inhumane; U.S. Contemplates New Privacy Laws; Bringing DOM Into the Fold; Thought Worker to AI: 'Who Goes There?'


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Android 15 Set For Summer Launch 

The next version of Android has reached beta 1, and can now be loaded onto Pixel phones for testing. Among its features will be automatic support for edge-to-edge apps and braille displays. There's reportedly much more, but Google is saving that news for I/O 2024 on May 15. 


Making Android More Like iPhone?

If imitation is flattery, then Android is on a complementary roll. Its latest tranche of security features reportedly pay homage to Apple in a big way. Let's hope the imitation steers clear of legal jeopardy, as Apple's walled garden does in the opinion of this Youtuber.  


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Early Reviews of AI Pin are Inhumane 

We offer much respect to any company that puts it all on the line for a bold new idea. One such company is Humane with its AI Pin, which appears to work quite well in the video but which early reviewers have panned with aplomb. 


U.S. Contemplates New Privacy Laws 

Just when those pesky privacy notices of EU-based websites began to fade from memory, U.S. lawmakers are contemplating the American Privacy Rights Act of 2024, which is sure to drum up even more draconian rules and regulations for developers to sift through. 



Bringing DOM into the Fold

This is one of the coolest things we've seen in a while. It's a tutorial on creating compelling 3D visuals using React's transform and perspective methods, but the techniques also are applicable to JavaScript/CSS. Give it a try. 


Thought Worker to AI: 'Who Goes There?'

Kudos to those who suspected that AI would one day take their jobs. The thing that some people denied is now starting to happen. And while no one can really say how deep the rabbit hole goes, it's not hard to predict that the trend will burrow until it hits rock bottom. 


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