Zmotif for the ZXP 9


When can we expect to see the release of the Zmotif 64bit sdk that's compatible with the ZXP Series 9 printer.
I know that the ZXP 9 driver installs the 32bit version as the ZXP Toolbox uses it but it doesn't install the 64bit version.
While I'm here, anyone know what's happened to the ZXP1 and ZXP3 sdks's that have vanished from the main website the links take us to an empty page and a 404 error.

Submitted by Manuel Caicedo-... on May 04, 2019 Permalink


I'm sorry for the inconveniences observed with our downloading system. We are working to fix it ASAP. Meanwhile, please, could you send a request to, so you will have a quick response from our team to get the latest version of the SDK for ZXP S9.

Regarding your other questions. There is only one version of the ZXP S9 toolbox (both 32 and 64 bit) and should be installed correctly when the driver installs.



Submitted by Stephen Troup on May 04, 2019 Permalink

Trust me contacting the sdk team was the first thing I did. However I got a link to the driver for the ZXP 9 which as I said only contains the Zmotif 32bit library and a note to say it the driver supports 32bit and 64bit windows. Sadly not what I asked, I wanted to know when or if the 64bit version of ZMotifPrinter.dll will be released.

The issue as I see is that the new ZXP tools uses the 32bit library and according to an old Zebra tech notes about the Zmotif library it's not possible to load the 64bit and 32bit at the same time (not true by the way you can install both at the same time and I've been doing it for years with no problems so far). The only real problem occurred when second version of the sdk was released and all the guid's on the methods changed but that happened because it when time the 64bit version was released.