I have an EC30 with its Locking SmartCradle.
I am using to unlock it.
It works fine but I don't understand how events occurs.
With PS20 and MC18 I have events (PS20 com.symbol.intent.device.DOCKED and com.symbol.intent.device.UNDOCKED and MC18 ACTION_POWER_CONNECTED and ACTION_POWER_DISCONNECTED) that starts when device is release and when device is blocked by the cradle. With EC30 it seems I have an ACTION_POWER_DISCONNECTED (when device is released )and immediately a ACTION_POWER_CONNECTED (but device is not blocked, I can remove it from the cradle).

Should exist for EC30 intenst like PS20? Because with POWER_CONNECTED and POWER_DISCONNECTED it seems that it is not clear when I take the device from the cradle


Darryn Campbell
Please see the following

Please see the following feedback from our dev team, hope this helps:

EC30 cradle API is a cut down version and even it is only one way. Only can send commands from device to cradle. So not all APIs/events supported by PS20 are available with EC30.

They have to use the result intent of the Unlock intent call to see if the device is unlocked or any failure doing so.


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