In this series, I will guide you in developing your very first RhoElements application. For an we will use an actual app that we developed for our developer conference. The application we will be building is an Event Attendee Tracker. For the Developer Conference we wanted to track who was going to which specific breakout sessions of the conference and the badges that were printed included a QR code formatted barcode. Inside the QR code blob of data was a VCard formatted string that held the person's basic information (name, company, etc). For each session an event coordinator would be standing at the door with one of our devices with this RhoElements application preloaded on it and they would proceed to scan each attendee as the entered the room. After they scanned the badge, the name of the attendee would be displayed and the full vCard information would be stored in a Web SQL database. Since we were not sure how well the wireless coverage was going to be at the venue, we decided to make this application run completely in offline mode where we would collect the data off of the devices at a later time.


To help walk you through this example, I will be posting a series of blog posts including this overview one:

Before we start building code the first step is to install RhoElements and get familiar with some settings and process that will make your coding experience a happier one.

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I tried downloading the final source code to my ET1, but it does not work properly.

What changes will I need to make, to have it work with the ET1?