There is definitely a lot of great information in Launchpad. It spans across the 3 main types of content in the system Blogs, Discussions and Documents. Here are some really quick ways to browse through the content to learn something new each day:



  1. Click Browse in the top bar
  2. Click Content on the menu
  3. Click the Discussions Tab
  4. Then change the drop down to to only show Answered Questions


or even easier - save this link to you browser bookmarks. Any time you see a green speech bubble that means a question has been answered.



The Blog feature on Launchpad is used to point our specific things that might make your life easier in developing you app. As questions are asked and answered there are usually topics that come up that need a bit more guidance in either explanation or walkthrough how to use a particular feature etc. The blogs will tend to be more on the tutorial side or to point out something interesting or useful. Check these frequently, by clicking on this link - the most recent blog posts will be at the top.




A great way to learn is to actually look at something that is working and then figure out how it did what it does. Be sure to check the Code Sample section to download small micro-apps that are designed to demonstrate and teach you something specific. Make sure to bookmark this link to quickly get to a list of these code samples.