Staying Informed

So you have registered for a Launchpad account, now what you say? The next thing you should do is follow the spaces you are interested in. Before we get into that, all content in Launchpad is centered around the concept of a Space. Within each space, there are three types of content Blogs, Documents and Dicsussion. There are also sub-spaces within a space.



By default when you sign up for access you are not "following" any of these spaces. So when new content is added you will not be notified that this new life saving document or discussion has been posted.



The easiest way to do this is to:

1) Click Browse / Places /Select List View (or click this link)

2) Go right down the list and click the menu next to each Space - if it says "Follow" click it - that means you are not following the space and missing out on staying informed.




You will start receiving emails when new content is published, but you will not be spammed. In fact you do have control over what information is sent to you and how frequent it gets sent. I do strongly urge however that you do sign up for all activity and not a daily digest. You might think you are saving time by being able to just read one email a day, BUT if you do this, you will only see a list that includes a subject of the topic or discussion. You will not see the details, and maybe a detail will be easier caught in your daily email perusal then having to remember to read the daily digest and then click into each item you are interested in. Also you will not be able to respond to any discussions from within you email program if you are subscribed to a daily digest. So after you "follow" each space you wish to subscribe to, go into your Preferences and select what the system should send you email about. Also like I said before change the Followed Activity to All Activity: