Rapid Prototyping Mobile Apps With Fluid Layout

Robert Galvin -

This is another great presentation brought to you by Marakana Tech TV. In this session, Matt Kelly, Lead Software Engineer at interaction design firm ZURB, discusses solutions for rapidly prototyping sites and web apps that work on any kind of device, at any resolution. I will definitively have to spend some more time looking at ZURB's Foundation framework. The Flexible Grid lets you lay out pages quickly and logically with a flexible, nestable system - which is perfect for developing RhoElements applications that need run on the ET1 Tablet as well as smaller form factors. Zurb's Rapid Prototyping includes dozens of styles and elements to help you quickly put together clickable prototypes. If you have intranet web apps that also need to run on our Mobile Computers then you should also look at Zurb's Mobility features.



Robert Galvin

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