Announcing the RhoConnect 3.2 public preview

Lars Burgess -

We are very excited to announce the public preview release of RhoConnect 3.2.  This version of RhoConnect has massive sync concurrency improvements over 3.1 by introducing three key new components into the stack:

* ruby 1.9.x EventMachine & Fiber support through rack-fiber_pool

* Nginx + Thin evented server stack (replacing Nginx + Passenger)

* Asynchronous server framework utilizing the above stack

This allows asynchronous RhoConnect source adapter execution (without having to use background jobs) and makes the RhoConnect sync front-end completely non-blocking.  In short, you get much more concurrency horsepower out of your server.

It also has a new web and command line interface so check it out and let us know what you think!

New Features:

* Rhoconnect production stack updates: ruby-1.9.3-p194, redis-2.4.12, nginx-1.2.0, thin-1.3.1

* Async framework using EventMachine and Fibers is introduced for rubies 1.9.x (no 1.8.7 or JRuby support)

* RhoConnect production stack is updated for full support of async framework (nginx as reverse proxy server, thin app server)

* `rhoconnect` command line interface (replacement for `rake` tasks)

* Console has been rebuilt using Twitter Bootstrap

* Implementing fast_insert/update/delete REST API for direct set manipulations with Redis

Bug Fixes:

* Ping should process all clients and report cumulative error at the end

* Empty 'queue_updates' request should trigger processing of the posted queue

* Various bulk sync related fixes

* Don't allow creating a user with an empty login

Installation (gem only):

$ gem install rhoconnect --pre

Installation (rpm/deb packages):

Also, new `rhoconnect-adapters` 1.0.3.beta1 gem has been released. It contains latest updates for ruby-1.9.3 and supports latest Rhoconnect version.


$ gem install rhoconnect-adapters --pre


Lars Burgess

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