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When RhoElements 1.x was transitioned into part of RhoMobile Suite 2.0 one of the many changes was a push towards developing native applications.  You don't have to create applications natively however, you can use the shared runtime.

What is the Shared Runtime?

The Shared runtime allows developers to create hybrid applications using HTML and Javascript without having to worry about Ruby or downloading device SDKs.  It is a cab file (for Windows Mobile / CE) or an apk file (for Android).  After installing the cab file or apk you will have an application on your device called 'RhoElements', running this will launch the default start page.  You can configure the start page location in the configuration and more information is available at

What is the difference between the 2.x shared runtime and RhoElements 1.x?

That's the genius bit... other than feature enhancements to both the framework and our WebKit port there are no architectural differences between the 2.x shared runtime and RhoElements 1.x.  If you're familiar with RhoElements 1.x you're already familiar with the 2.x shared runtime.

What devices are supported?

Currently only Motorola devices are fully supported by the shared runtime, the primary reason for this is much of the shared runtime functionality is dependant on Motorola value add APIs, e.g. scanning, MSR etc.  In time we will gradually extend support to the full family of devices, keep your eyes on for the latest API compatibility.

What are my upgrade options from a RhoElements 1 application?

There are two upgrade routes for existing RhoElements 1 applications:

  1. Download & install the shared runtime and run your application in exactly the same way you were running it under RhoElements 1.x
  2. Transition your application to a native application, taking full advantage of the MVC pattern and enhanced sync capabilities.  Geoff Poremba gave an overview of how to do this at the Americas App Forum and his slides are at


Upgrading from RhoElements 1.x to the 2.x shared runtime will require a new license.  Upgrade entitlement, costs and maintenance contracts are beyond the scope of this blog post.

Where can I get more help?

There is a documentation page on the shared runtime at, it includes a quick start guide, overview of the configuration and some more advanced topics.

How can I obtain the Shared Runtime?

I'm a PC

Windows choose options.png

  • After the installation process the shared runtime CAB and APK files will be installed under c:\MotorolaRhoMobileSuite\RhoElements2 Shared Runtime\ (by default)

Folder on Windows.png

  • You can also access the shared runtimes from the start menu by clicking:
    • Start --> All Programs --> Motorola RhoMobile Suite --> Runtimes for Web Apps
  • Copy the appropriate CAB file to your Windows Mobile / Windows CE device and install (click on it).  For android mount your device as a drive and copy the APK over, once copied install the apk by clicking on it.
    • You must configure your Android device to install non-market place applications if you have not already done this.

I'm a Mac


  • Double click RhoElemnets2 Shared Runtime


  • Double click the folder for the relevant OS and the CAB or APK file will be inside



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