Today we released RhoConnect 3.3 beta 2 for download.  RhoConnect 3.3 includes the following new features and bugfixes.


* Support for new RhoConnect push service (beta)  - Documentation, CLI and client support coming soon

* Bulk sync now supports objects with blob attributes

* New bucket-based storage system for redis which provides much faster access to adapter datasets

* New REST API routes available

Bug Fixes:

* Middleware was halting with 401 or 422 on custom routes

* Ping didn't handle user with 0 devices

* Bulk sync database wasn't populating blob_attribs field

Installation (gem only):

$ gem install rhoconnect --pre


1. Change rhoconnect gem version to "3.3.1.beta2" in your app's Gemfile

2. Run "bundle install" to install the new rhoconnect gem