RedBeam Asset Tracking (for Windows Mobile) by RedBeam, Inc.


About RedBeam

RedBeam, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode and data collection software designed to make business processes more efficient.  RedBeam offers three stand-alone, batch data collection products.  All RedBeam software comes in two versions, standard and mobile. The standard editions allow for data collection using cabled barcode scanners attached to PC workstations. The mobile editions allow for data collection using cabled barcode scanners attached to PC workstations as well as the ability to collect data on scanner-enabled mobile computers.

About RedBeam Asset Tracking

RedBeam Asset Tracking is a fixed asset tracking software designed to track computers, equipment, furniture, vehicles and other valuable assets using this comprehensive application and scanner-enabled mobile computers.  Primary functions include update and physical inventory.

Demonstration Download

Note : Demo version supports WM6 devices.


MSP Installation Barcodes

Manual Installation - Files should be installed in the following order: sqlce30.ppc.wce5.armv4i.CAB,, SymbolRFIDHH.CAB, SymbolScannerAdapter.ARMV4.CAB, RBATHH.PPC500.CAB.

Demonstration Instructions


Field Mobility, Travel & Transportation

Application Type

Proof-of-Delivery, Supply Chain Logistics, Warehouse Management, Route Optimization

Main User Interface

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Mobile Devices

Validation testing: MC7596, MC5590, MC3090, MC9090 CE, MC9090 WM, MC7090

Contact Information

Zebra Solution Center


Motorola Channel Account Manager

Elizabeth Santamaria

Office Phone: 631-738-5993

RedBeam Inc.

Steve Bissonnette

Office Phone: 678-373-0385