RxLogger - A comprehensive Android diagnostic tool

About RxLogger


RxLogger is a comprehensive AndroidTM diagnostic tool that provides application and system metrics.  It is a simple to use tool that was designed for flexibility – it allows for custom plug-ins to be created and work seamlessly with this tool.  RxLogger is targeted for partner, customer, and technical support usage in diagnosing device and application issues.  Its information tracking includes the following, but is not limited to: CPU load, memory load, memory snapshots, battery consumption, power states, wireless logging, cellular logging, TCP dumps, Bluetooth logging, GPS logging, logcat, FTP push/pull, ANR dumps, etc.  All logs and files generated are saved onto flash storage on the device (internal or external).  RxLogger is intended to be utilized for diagnostic purposes only.


The main RxLogger features are:

     • Simple user interface
       The user interface based configuration allows for ease of use without a learning curve.
     • Silent configuration and easy mass deployment
       A single configuration file can be deployed to multiple devices without the need for user intervention.
     • Remote configuration and remote log retrieval
       Reduce delays in acquiring and transferring log files
     • Pluggable interface
       Allows for 3rd party development and seamless add-ons without the need for user intervention.


Main User Interface

Screen1.png Screen2.png

Supported Devices

Supported on Motorola Solutions AndroidTM Gingerbread and Jelly Bean devices such as ET1, MC40, and TC55.


Demonstration Download

Use of the RxLogger tool is for diagnostic purposes only.





Contact Information

Motorola Solution Center
Web site: http://www.motorola.com/business/solutioncenter/
Email: SolutionCenter@motorolasolutions.com

Andrew Pengelly

Thanks.  Without this link it is quite difficult to locate  as the previous location for all this stuff was the Support & Downloads site.  Zebra should consider adding this link to the Partner Portal.

Andrew Pengelly

This RxLogger User Guide is branded Motorola Solutions which suggests it is a little out of date.  Is there a more recent edition available?

Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, RxLogger documentation can now be found at About RxLogger - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  There should be no need to download it for our more recent devices as it is pre-loaded.