Certain SimulScan features require an additional license to unlock their full functionality.


Features :

Currently OCR or OMR functionality require an additional license. The cloud based template builder utility, device-based showcase app, basic multi-barcode, and picture taking functionality not require a license.

A single license would enable both OCR and OMR for any programming interface - DW, Rho or EMDK API.


Purchase License :

Licenses can be purchased from https://softwarelicensing.zebra.com/ .


In order to gain access to the https://softwarelicensing.zebra.com/ site, you must be given a login and allocated license seats by an administrator. For customer/partner orders processed through Solution Builder and Central Order Manangement, this would be done automatically by the SW Library team and an auto-generated email will be sent with further instructions after completing the order.

For Zebra-internal license requests or for partners who wish to try their application with SimulScan, please contact landon.essig@zebra.com to request access.


More details can be found on the site's documentation at https://softwarelicensing.motorolasolutions.com/documentation/index.html


Licenses can be purchased for a specific device based on the product name and serial number or for larger deployments using the enterprise-wide deployment license.


Deployment and Installation License

Currently, licenses are only supported on TC55 and TC75 devices.

Licenses can be deployed and installed in one of the two ways:

Using the built-in Settings app for smaller deployments

          To install, copy the SDC_License.xml file downloaded from the licensing server to an accessible location on the device.

          Next, launch the Settings app -> About Phone –> Legal Information -> Symbol Licenses -> Menu -> Install license -> point to the file on the device.

-  Using StageNow for larger deployments

        A helpful wizard in StageNow aids in creating StageNow profiles catering to deployment of enterprise-wide licenses. Once deployed on the device, the licenses are automatically installed as well. For more details, please refer StageNow's documentation


Once a license is installed, the full functionality of SimulScan is unlocked. A given license enables SimulScan features leveraged via DataWedge, EMDK API, or the Rho Mobile Suite for a given device or a set of devices.


A factory reset will remove the license entitlement.