There is a pre - created default template within Simulscan to read travel documents. This template is available whether you choose to use DW or EMDK  [or Rho in the future] to leverage SimulScan within your line of business application. The MRZ [Machine Readable Zone] data in the travel doc details will be returned to the calling application.


You could get a quick demo up and running in one of two ways :

1. Using the SimulScan showcase app :

  • Launch the Simulscan Showcase app -> Edit Custom demo -> Simulscan DocCap template -> Default Templates -> Default –  Travel Doc -> Done
  • Start Simulscan -> Point at the travel doc.


2. Using the DataWedge demo app :

  • Launch DataWedge app  -> DWDemo -> Simulscan input -> Check Enabled
  • Template selection -> Default – TravelDoc.xml -> Back -> back
  • Configure the Intent Output -> Basic Data Formatting -> Suffix to data / Send Enter key, etc to emphasize demarcation between reads [Optional]
  • Launch the DWDemo app -> Press the trigger button or the Yellow scan button on the screen.
  • Repeat to showcase multiple reads getting captured in the app one after the other.


In the interest of UX, this template is configured to work with the Imager. If you prefer the Camera, you could configure the input_source parameter accordingly in the DataWedge profile.

Attached are images to help with the device/travel doc ergonomics in both cases.