One-Touch Inspection by Beacontree Technologies


Partner: Beacontree Technologies

Application: One-Touch Inspection

Application Type: Mobile Inspection and Surveys

Devices Supported: TC55, TC70, TC75

Industries: Education, Energy and Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Professional Services, Public Safety, Retail, Telecom and Media, Transportation and Logistics

Description: Beacontree’s OneTouch Inspection is a game changing mobile app that utilizes the Near Field Communication (NFC) device on your smart phone or tablet to easily launch an inspection process that meets your safety and quality needs in an efficient manner.

As the term “one-touch” implies, we have designed a simple-to-use, finger-friendly touchscreen that is easy to read, navigate and select.  This turns any complex inspection or questionnaire into an easy to manage process. By coupling our mobile app with robust NFC tags, we make it even easier to manage the process and validate where and when an inspector did this work.

One-Touch Inspection enables your Zebra customers with mobile work forces to apply efficient inspections and surveys.

Click2Demo Link: One-Touch Inspection by Beacontree Technologies