Patches availables for Zebra Android devices to correct Stagefright vulnerability

On monday 7/27/2015 security firm Zimperium found a severe vulnerability in Android.

This issue allows an attacker to take control of an Android device by simply sending a SMS/MMS to the recipient.

Big smartphones manufacturers are taking actions to patch their devices.

Fortunately Zebra recently issued patches for TC55 and MC40 to correct this vulnerability.

I wanted to verify if once the patch has been applied to my TC55 running OS v4.4.3 with GMS the patch does what it is supposed to do.

I downloaded and installed Stagefright Detector App on Google Play.


Then I launched the application without first applying the patch. As you can see in the screenshots below my TC55 is vulnerable.

device-2015-08-10-102011.png     device-2015-08-10-101941.png     device-2015-08-10-101956.png


With the patch installed the result is now different.


So if your Zebra Android devices is affected by this vulnerability, please fix it as soon as possible with the appropriate update made available on Zebra support web site.

Khai-Van PHU