An issue has been found with the EMDK when using a recent release of Android Studio ( v 1.3 )

When using the New Project Wizard in this version of Android studio, you will not find the EMDK listed as an option for the Minimum SDK. Even if they are listed as installed in the Android SDK manager.


A resolution to this issue is currently being worked on, but in the meantime the following instructions will walk you through manually configuring a new project where  Android API 16 or 19 was selected as the Minimum SDK


Configure New Project:

1. Create a new project, and set the Minimum SDK as API 16 or 19

2. Go to File > Project Structure

3. Select app in the left-pane and Properties tab.

4. Manually enter one of the following add-on names in the “Compile Sdk Version” depending on the API version (see below):

SDK add-on (API 16) name: Symbol Technologies, Inc.:EMDK 3.1 (API 16):16
SDK add-on (API-19) name: Symbol Technologies, Inc.:EMDK 3.1 (API 19):19






5. Click OK then Select Yes in the resulting dialog.


Your project is now ready for EMDK development (see EMDK Help for more information on creating an EMDK app).