Announcing EMDK for Android v4.0

EMDK for Android v4.0 is now available. Find installers for this and previous releases on the EMDK Downloads page.


Whats New in v4.0

  • New Profile Manager Features
    • Multipule MX version support - Profile manager now supports multiple MX versions. You can now choose between MX 4.2, 4.4 and 5.0 when creating a new profile.
    • Profile Upgrade - Profile manager now provides a method to upgrade an existing profile to use a higher version of MX.
    • Data Capture Activity Selection Wildcard - When using an Activity Selector in a Data Capture profile and wish to include all activities in an application package, you no longer have to manually enter each activity. You can now enter a single asterisk ( * ) and all activities in that package will be selected.
    • New MX 4.4 features
      • Additional Locale support for SPANISH, US_SPANISH, BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE and PORTUGUESE.
      • Password Masking / Encryption for sensitive values in Certificate Manager and GPRS Manager.
    • New MX 5.0 features
      • PAC File – Allows the central control of proxy settings for KitKat devices
      • Screen Capture Control – Enable / Disable ability to perform a screen capture
      • Vendor Specific DHCP Options – Supports vendor specific options for granular configuration control
  • New API's
  • Mobile Payment - Provides API's to perform EMV and Magstripe Payment transactions when using the PD40 Payment device with MC40 JB, TC70 KK, TC75 KK and TC55 KK devices.
  • Serial Communication - Allows you to add DEX support in your application.


IDE Support

  • Support for ADT/Eclipse has been deprecated. Future versions of the EMDK for Android will only support Android Studio for development.